Our goal is to inspire a culture of exercise among those with limited mobility.  Aaron firmly believes that almost all injured and/or disabled individuals can reclaim more mobility than they are led to believe with the right exercise protocol.  Our system often concentrates on healthcare as the most immediate need for the injured and/or disabled, ad little is done to include this group in the exercise movement that has swept across the country for the last 20-years.  This needs to change as exercise is one of the most important pillers of personal health.


Through his own personal experience of being left without insurance or access to long term rehabilitation Aaron experienced incredible lows of depression, common to many in his situation. It was through this experience that he became determined to make a difference. Since then, he, along with his mother Laquita Dian and his clinical exercise physiologist Taylor-Kevin Isaacs, created a one-of-kind gym that bridges the gap between therapy and fitness. As our society has come to understand the critical value of fitness in health and mortality rates, Aaron is endeavoring to make sure that no one is left behind because of lack of access and resources.  For more on the Center Of Restorative Exercise (CORE) click below.