My name is Aaron Baker, I am a recovering quadriplegic athlete, ambassador, entrepreneur and friend. More than a decade ago I broke my neck while racing a motorcycle. My doctors gave me a grim prognosis of having only a one in a million chance of ever feeding myself, not to mention walking or doing much else. Today however, I can proudly and gratefully say I have surpassed their projection for my life by setting and achieving many worlds firsts like: Pedaling a bicycle across the country twice, racing that bicycle for the United States Paralympic cycling team and most recently, I walked independently across Death Valley.


Through all of my process of recovery, redefinition and ultimately the rebuilding of my life, there has always been one consistent desire - To share. This is my reason for wanting to create this film. By documenting my journey, I am able to give people a glimpse into my life living with a spinal cord injury and a bridge of connectivity for hope, empowerment and self actualization. I hope you enjoy the ride.