When I moved from South Africa in 1986, it was my dream to become a health care practitioner that would truly help people improve the quality of of my patient's lives. When I was introduced to Clinical Exercise Physiology while in school, I quickly realized the long term potential for this type of therapeutic intervention and the large gap that existed after patients exited Physical Therapy and their need to get back out in the world. 

 When I met Aaron in 1999 I had already devised a set of guidelines that I knew would help injured patients recover mobility, but having a client with the drive and ambition of Aaron Baker enabled me to put my best work to the test. And in the process, aspire to inspire an attitudinal shift within the current health care system as to what outcomes are possible with the ongoing benefits of restorative exercise along with the continuity of care. I am so proud of what we have done together and opening the Center For Restorative Exercise as a place where more people can come and recover mobility is the culmination of the great partnership I have found in Aaron and Laquita.  

I truly believe that by giving individuals the right care and understanding of how restorative exercise can make their bodies feel, move, and perform betterwill enable them to see what they are fully capable of achieving.  It is my dream that we can open more facilities like CORE across the United States and give even more people the chance to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and active life!