Hi, we are Dominic and Nadia Gill.  Together we founded Encompass Films, a production company started in Uyuni, Bolivia in 2008.  As of 2010 we reside in Los Angeles, California where we make content across all media platforms.  Our focus is the outdoor and adventure space, where we scour the globe to find stories which not only feature the mountains, rivers and valleys of the world, but also some of lesser known climbers, fishermen and sheepherders who dwell within them.

After we met Aaron Baker we decided to make our first feature film.  It's been an adventure, from the the filming of the Death Valley trek itself, through the journey of financing and editing and on towards distribution.   As we sat for years watching the story unfold and getting into a watchable form we learned so much about ourselves and the people for whom this story was made.

This documentary is at its essence a portrait of movement, how it relates to our goals and dreams, and how it changes our motivations and perspectives. Every day, through our obsession with sports, we are confronted with images of exceptional movement and we spend countless hours and dollars championing the very best. While we would never argue that breaking records isn't inspiring, we also believe that contemplating a lack of movement can be even more profound. Simply by watching the effort required to complete even a basic task you can get to the very root of who you are and what you live for. 

 We are making this film to give voice to the more than 30 million Americans who report struggling with mobility each day.  We are also making this film for those who are limited not by mobility but by fear, complacency, insecurity, public opinion, or just plain laziness.  Aaron Baker has taught us to challenge our prognoses whatever they may be, because in the end, only you can know what you are truly capable of.




From filming the project through our amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign, the making of this film has had a helping hand from some friends, old and new. We thank them for their contributions and hope that you take a minute to check out what they do and who they are.